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Mortensen Hall at Bushnell Theatre | Hartford, Connecticut


Since its 2004 Broadway debut, to its arrival in London and countries all over the world, WICKED has amassed an incredibly extensive list of awards and nominations. From industry wins that demonstrate its critical acclaim to accolades voted for by fans themselves, its prizes range from two Olivier Audience awards to nominations for its costume, set and lighting design – and that’s just for the London performance! Once you’ve heard the illustrious songs and incredible voices of its talented cast, you’ll understand why. So why not come to the fantastic Mortensen Hall at Bushnell Theatre in Hartford and watch this phenomenal Musical?

Wicked! If this title piqued your curiosity as to how witches were branded as wicked, then you're in for a brilliant treat. The Tony Award-winning Broadway musical theater play production of "Wicked!" has made its way to this side of the city. This is the one and only opportunity to experience a bonafide Broadway spectacle here at the Mortensen Hall at Bushnell Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut on Thursday 9th May 2024. Get yourself ready to be charmed by a delightful and touching tale about friendship, rivalries, sacrifice, and standing up for yourself while the world disagrees and brands such deeds as 'wicked'. If princes and princesses have stories, then witches have their own tales to tell too. Wicked is a riotously enjoyable performance. The Evening Standard called it "A remarkable kaleidoscope of magical shocks, surprises, and sensations, Wicked works like a dream." Prepare your hands and feet for frequent moments of standing ovations. Wicked will wow you to the end! Catch Wicked! on its playdate the Thursday 9th May 2024. Purchace your tickets now!

Wicked at Mortensen Hall at Bushnell Theatre

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