Wicked at William H. Mortensen Hall

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Mortensen Hall at Bushnell Theatre | Hartford, Connecticut


A rollercoaster ride of emotions from isolation and fear, to optimism, acceptance and everything in between, the shows’s new perspective on the life of the Wicked Witch of the West – aka Elphaba - is a triumphant celebration of friendship and staying true to your heart. Not only does the gripping story, based on Gregory Maguire’s best-selling novel (itself a reimagination of L Frank Baum’s original book) provide plenty of laughs, but there’s many lessons to be learned in Glinda and Elphaba’s relationship, too. So come and see this fantastic story unfold at the Mortensen Hall at Bushnell Theatre!

The internationally renowned and enchanting performance Wicked is a musical treat anytime and anywhere you see it, but this May the hosts from Mortensen Hall at Bushnell Theatre will certainly secure the ultimate setting for it. The show will pay a visit to Hartford, Connecticut on Saturday 4th May 2024, to bring joy and excitement to the local and traveling theatre enthusiasts in the know. If you want to join the magic and experience the enchanting act on stage live, you better not wait too long to secure your ticket, as they’re selling out quite fast. The hosts from Mortensen Hall at Bushnell Theatre know perfectly well what their guests might want and need, and never hesitate to deliver it - transportive interior, superbly crafted acoustics, lighting and sightlines to boot. Join the action on Saturday 4th May 2024 and see for yourself all the outstanding perks hidden in Mortensen Hall at Bushnell Theatre.

Wicked at Mortensen Hall at Bushnell Theatre

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